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Germanimals Livestock & Meat Trading

Are you looking for healthy and efficient stalling, fast growing fattening, high yielding livestock or quality meat?
Germanimals GmbH offers you live animals and meat from EUROPE and SOUTH AMERICA. We export the animals according to your wishes and we provide all the necessary treatments and we reach you in the best health conditions.
We show the same exactness in our meat trade, we prepare your meat according to your wishes and in accordance with European hygiene standards.

What We Do

  • We are your reliable contact for all breeds of livestock population. 

    Breeding- and Livestock from Germanimals GmbH is well-known for it`s high performance in combination with longevity, firtness and adaptability.

    Selection and buying of your animals, the veterinary examinations, the most efficient transportation, the insurance-cover, the payment or financing modalities we adapt exactly to your requirements!

    With our close network of partners we arrange quickly and reliably all needed transit licences, veterinary- and customs formalities for troublefree border-crossings.

    In numerous countries we even offer the importation and in-country quarantine!

    Take advantage of our experience in livestock-trading and - transportation and become one of our fully satisified customers! 

    When can we welcome you here and choose with you the animals you are looking for?

Meat Trading

Whether thickly or finely cut, whether special cuts, marketing in halves, sections, fresh or frozen – we supply whatever you need and package it in accordance with your requirements, including SB or atmosphere packaging.

Our meat is a pleasure. Its constantly high quality ensures that our customers are satisfied and increases their confidence in our products. Understanding what the consumer prefers is the prerequisite for our market-suitable products. At Germanimals GMBH, we listen to what our customers and suppliers, and what our farmers and dealers tell us and we do everything possible to constantly improve our standards of quality. The Beef and Lamb meat from transparent production offers our customers and consumers a maximum degree of safety – through documented information on origins, feeding with products from local harvests and growth free practices in raising the animals.


Why Germanimals GmbH

  • If your livestock could choose its' transportation, the choice would be Germanimals GmbH. 

    Germanimals GmbH hires only experienced personnel for transportation of livestock in up-to-date equipped and reliable livestock carriers.

    Through our well planned logistics, transportation goes exactly according to schedule.

    Knowing the fact that only well-arriving animals are satisfying to both -the customer and ourselves, animal welfare is our main goal to be achieved at all times.

    A permanent supervision by veterinary authorities certifies of our compliance with all regulations.

    Together with our network of partners we are able to ship livestock to any destination, as we have available equipment even for the hugest requirements.

    Therefore, it doesn't matter whether we can reach your barn directly with our special livestock trucks, or in combination with a ferry trip, by livestock vessel, special equipped airplane or railway wagon.

    Furthermore, Germanimals GmbH organizes all transit licences, veterinary- and customs formalities which might be needed for a troublefree border-crossing. In numerous countries we even offer the importation and in-country quarantine.
Deliver animals with ships from South America.
Deliver animals with Trucks from Europe.
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