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Germanimals GmbH is your competent supplier of breeding- and livestock worldwide. Satisfied customers all over the world appreciate animals from us. We are your full service provider which makes your purchase of first class livestock as easy and convenient as possible. 


  • The Brangus breed is composed of 3/8 Brahman breed, 5/8 Angus breed.

    The aim here is the carcass characteristics and strong structure of Angus.

    Brahman offers more benefits for tough conditions, higher efficiency and more.

    Live weight avarage : 615 kg / 12 months


  • Body is built and long.
    Live Weight Male: 800-1250 kg.
    Daily Live Weight Increase: 1.2-1.9 kg.
    High yield of carcass.
    Resistant to diseases.
    Resistant to heat (+30) and cold (-30).


  • It is observed that the bulls have a body structure which has the feature of fast weight gain.
    Muscle structures of bulls developed.
    This weight in men is 1,000 to 1.100 kg average.
    Its meat yield is 70%.
    Sharole show a live weight gain between 1.100 g and 1.300 g per day.


  • It is a type of meat with high muscular and meat holding ability. 

    Meat structure is lean, lint-free and soft.

    Thin bone structure. The meat is low in fat and ensures high quality meat.

    The limousine bull has a live weight of 1200 kg.


  • The daily live weight increase of simental calves is about 1100 to 1300 g.

    Simmental animals are good for meat yield. 60% - 62% meat yield is formed.

    It has the ability to convert feed to meat in the best way when it is taken.


  • Best performing dairy breed with the genetic potential for over 10.000 kg milk

    Top milkers as fresheners with stable production over many lactations

    Fast rearing for early mating and first calving 

    Cows with large, long and deep body for high feed intake capacity

    Solid health and regular fertility, accurate and robust feet and legs

    Excellent udder shape and milk ability

    German Holsteins are best fitting to the demands of modern and large dairy farms

    The most exported breed from Europe, proven under climatic conditions world wide

MONTOFON / Brown Swiss

  • Good-natured dual purpose cattle

    8.000 to 9.000 kg milk with good protein and fat content 

    High-quality milk with an excellent taste and cheese making capability   

    Adapts ideal to different housing areas and withstands tropical heat just as to extreme   coldness without any difficulties 

    Strong legs with outstanding hard hooves ensures the longevity, which is proverbial for German Brown Swiss 

    Excellent udder health and shape with best milk ability. 


  • Dual purpose breed with high milk- and beef performance

    Lowest somatic cells counts, regular fertility, rapid growingextremely robust and healthy cattle with fast adaptability to all climatic and food conditions proven on all continents

    High valuable bull calves and excellent value of carcassvery calm and placid temperament of all males and females

    High economical effectiveness in suckler herds reached through fast growing calves and low environmental requirementsideal breed for cross-breeding with pure dairy breeds

    Dual purpose breed: 60% milk + 40% beef = 100% profitability!
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